Eli began his journey with a unique upbringing living in an intentional community on the border of New York State and Massachusetts. The nature of this community allowed for Eli and his family to live and interact with people holding a variety of worldviews from many walks of life. Eli enjoyed a largely home schooled education until he attended Darrow School for his high school.

Eli’s experience in the cycling world includes working as a bicycle mechanic, success racing in a number of disciplines, and bicycle touring. At age fifteen Eli and a family friend, Steve Petre, cycled more than 700 miles from New York State to Bar Harbor Maine. It was during this trip that Eli developed a passion for bicycle travel. During the summer of 2010 he cycled 3,800 miles across the United States.

Eli says: "I am embarking on Mundo Pequeño in order to strip myself of unnecessary material possessions and social expectations with the intention expanding my understanding of my place in the world. When traveling by unconventional means, the glimpse into the community in which you pass is very personal. Your vulnerability is apparent, encouraging people to open their doors. Through embarking on this journey from Ushuaia, Argentina to the Northeastern United States I hope to spread a message of connectedness amongst the many communities through which we pass."

Email Eli directly at: eli@mundopequeno.or