Noah says: "I believe that through my experiences traveling in other countries all over the world, I have found a better understanding of myself. When I am interacting with and being exposed to other cultures I am able to see my own life more clearly. I see travel as a powerful tool for self-discovery. The most memorable moments I have had on the road have been in the small personal interactions I have had with the people I met along the way. When I look back at my adventures across the globe the stories I have heard and the faces of the people I have met stand out to me more than the places I have visited. My intention for Mundo Pequeño is to share this connection and the truth of inter-connectedness that this trip represents. I hope to bring people closer and learn a little more about the universal elements of the human condition that transcend borderlines, cultures, and languages.

Another intention I have for this trip is to help foster a connection to the natural world. In a time when sustainability and resource management are becoming of more and more global concern, I believe bringing people together around how we live on and relate to the earth is an important issue. We live in a world that is growing smaller by leaps and bounds. If we don’t work together to help preserve it as a global culture that focuses on creating a sustainable relationship between humanity and natural systems, we will face a dark future. My hope is to use this trip as a way to bring people together and spread awareness around the conservation and sustainability issues and practices we encounter all along our journey. I want to share the way people live in relation to nature and the effects that those life styles have around the globe."

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